About Heather

I started my pursuit in the arts at a very young age. As one of six children I found my role as the "artist" in the family when at 4 years old my biggest achievement was coloring in the lines. While I dabbled in a number of different mediums, a black and white photography course in college truly opened my eyes to an art that immediately connected me with people.

Relocating from the East Coast, I aggressively honed my skills as a freelance photographer’s assistant, by learning from masters in a variety of specialties: commercial, editorial, wedding, fine art. During my training I learned the mechanics of professional photography and the subtle differences of each to define my interest and strengths. Best of all I found that I appreciated working on location with real people.

I love the variety of my work: kids for their honesty and spontaneity, weddings for their beauty and romantic quality, commercial and editorial assignments to push my creative and technical skills. Thank you for viewing my website portfolio. If you’d like more information on pricing and availability please contact me at 206-297-2064.

P.S. Yes, that’s me showing my best side. Now you know why I’d rather be behind the camera than have my behind in the camera !!

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